about the artist

A photo of a woman sitting in a bath tub wearing red ribbons, lace, feathers, and tulle. A ribbon drapes over the side of the bath tub. Her face is not shown.
This picture is described on the homepage. The artist sits in front of a purple background.

Sofiya Babiak

Sofiya is a photographer currently working out of Chicago, IL. She earned her BFA from the Alfred University School of Art and Design with a minor in philosophy. Her portfolio is eclectic and versatile while maintaining a strong sense of individual style. Her work often addresses topics such as misogyny, queerness, mental health, and many other issues that the photographer holds close to her heart. Sofiya’s photography is honest and personal, having been described as endearingly voyeuristic. She specializes in portraiture of both the self and others, documentary work including event photography, and composition design.

This artist is actively open for commissions, please contact using the information below.