Sofiya Babiak (b. 1999 in Shreveport, LA) is a current BFA candidate at the Alfred University School of Art and Design. She works in a variety of media but primarily focuses on painting and photography. Babiak’s work is highly personal and she considers her entire body of work to be a kind of self-portrait, whether she’s in the frame or not. Because of the vulnerable nature of her work, it is emotional and humanistic. Drawn to the figure, it appears in a vast majority of her pieces and is typically individualized but occasionally serves as an undistinguished stand-in for the entirety of humanity. Along with talking about her own specific emotions and experiences, Babiak is fascinated by the small sublime that is universally felt. She strives to find awe in the mundane, which you can see through her portrayal of touch, close attention to texture, and the endearing gaze she uses to create her work. Her work has frequently been described as subtly voyeuristic, this aspect is utilized to display her fascinations and near-obsessions with the short-lived private moments that add up to the most interesting parts of life. The art she creates is extremely detail oriented while avoiding visual intricacy resulting in a body of work that is emotionally powerful and widely relatable.