portfolio by project

Sofiya Babiak is a Chicago based photographer and journalist.

She maintains a diverse portfolio ranging from solely creative projects to fresh and interesting documentation methods.

Please contact to view password-protected full collections here.


BFA Thesis focusing on self-portraiture as means of introspection and expression.


A mixture of still-lifes and portraits focusing on opulence and over-consumption.

Sunday Crosswords

A collection of portraits of queer individuals and rural landscapes that was compiled into a photobook paired with NYT headlines regarding queer discrimination in America.


A large collection of studio self-portraits spanning a year of development using feminized BDSM references with a focus on texture, color, and contortion of the body.

New Context

Several professional portraits of close friends referencing a history of casual candid photography hidden from the viewer.

Untitled Quarantine

Photos taken in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic spanning months of disrupted work and life.


Early-career work with strong themes of performative living and coping with misogyny.

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